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Women of Wisdom: Diverse perspectives merged as one voice

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On March 7th, the Women of Wisdom event at Curtin Dubai featured a diverse panel of notable women leaders. The panel session explored the theme of “Leading Women in the UAE” and included Megha Kapoor, Dorita Dsouza, and Charvi Bhatt. It was moderated by Daniel Adkins, Group CEO of Transnational Academic Group. The event showcased profound insights and experiences from these women, shedding light on challenges and triumphs in various domains.

Dorita Dsouza, a Senior Relationship Manager at a local bank in the UAE, shared practical advice on overcoming obstacles like imposter syndrome. She emphasised the importance of reaching out, asking questions, and creating spaces for oneself. Dorita also addressed prevalent gender biases in professional settings, providing strategies to navigate intrusive inquiries about personal commitments and the misconception surrounding women’s roles in male-dominated teams.

Charvi Bhatt, Former Captain of the UAE Women’s Cricket Team, shared her journey of breaking stereotypes in sports and highlighted resilience and the significance of consistently showing up despite challenges. She also addressed the issue of unequal pay in sports, particularly in the UAE, where women receive match fees instead of stable contracts, leading to financial barriers and potential dropout rates.

Megha Kapoor, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Marketing Officer at Odla, recounted her bold decision to leave a stable job to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours. She stressed the importance of self-confidence and challenging traditional gender roles. She also highlighted the need to combat societal expectations that limit women’s ambitions to domestic roles.

The panel was followed by an interactive masterclass led by esteemed Curtin Dubai faculty members Dr Noor Ulain Rizvi, Dr Mahwish Anjam, and Dr Nidhi Sehgal. The session explored ‘Leadership Lessons from Nature’ and encouraged participants to draw inspiration from natural phenomena. Dr Mahwish Anjam facilitated an engaging activity and a fun challenge that underscored the importance of individual responsibility and refraining from undermining others’ progress for personal gain.

Overall, the Women of Wisdom event provided a platform for meaningful discourse on gender equality, resilience, and leadership. It empowered attendees to navigate and challenge societal norms in their respective fields. The event served as a reminder of the collective effort required to foster inclusive environments and enable women to pursue their aspirations unabashedly.

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