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Winners of Curtin Dubai Urban Art Fest 2020 Competition

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Image for Winners of Curtin Dubai Urban Art Fest 2020 Competition

In July, Curtin University Dubai announced the Urban Art Fest 2020 Competition where residents across the UAE could take part in photography or painting contests across three categories; Highschool, University, and the General Public. 

The online competition was open to all artists and presented them with an opportunity to win exciting prizes including a 75% scholarship to study at Curtin Dubai and e-vouchers worth up to AED 2,000. 

Curtin Dubai Urban Art Fest 2020’s theme of ‘The New Normal’ has received an astounding number of submissions, and over 2000 registrations. The competition was also sponsored by Uninest Student Residences, a dedicated student residence accommodation provider that offers all of the amenities and comforts that students may require while studying in Dubai.

We are pleased to congratulate the following artists on their success.


Nemar Sencil

Painting, General Public Category


Mojtaba Komeili – Photography, General Public Category

Rashmiya Irfan – Photography, University Category 

Hassan Lhatri – Photography, Highschool Category 

Nemar Sencil – Painting, General Public Category 

Allyssa Gomez – Painting, University Category 

Akhilesh Sinha – Painting, Highschool Category 


Roger Alfonso – Photography, General Public Category

Lina Bouzid – Photography, University Category

Burhan Azhar – Photography, Highschool Category 

Aliya Shaikh – Painting, General Public Category 

Anil Lokhande – Painting, University Category 

Mohammad Sandila – Painting, Highschool Category 


Mark Anthony Agtay – Photography, General Public Category

Keerthana Dana Sekaran – Photography, University Category

Maitha Al Jaberi – Photography, Highschool Category 

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