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The Lamp of Wonders – a debut performance

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Curtin University Dubai’s Theatre Club wowed the crowd with their debut show, ‘The Lamp of Wonders,’ on March 8, 2024, at The Junction in Al Quoz.

Over 180 people, including students, staff, and faculty, were in attendance for the private screening. The play was entirely student led and received high praise for the acting and performance of its cast.

Sowmiya Venkatesh (Jasmine), Farhan Answer (Aladdin), and Nikko Simon Perez (Abu), brought their characters to life, supported by a talented cast. Behind the scenes, Amna Muhammad Khalid, Swaroop Shinod, and Ayesha Ansar led the production team in creating stunning sets and costumes. Directed by President Arya Shah, and Vice-Presidents Mariah Martinez and Farzeen Hamid, the performance received a standing ovation, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

While the dance and music clubs at Curtin Dubai also contributed significantly to its success, the play would not have been possible without a venue. The Junction opened its doors as venue sponsor, and Co-Founder and CEO Gautam Goenka ensured the students were able to see their vision come to light. “The Junction has always supported homegrown theatre talent from the UAE and hence our partnership with Curtin University and its students is a step in the right direction. We are looking forward to seeing the creativity of the students shine through their performance,” stated Goenka.

“The Curtin Dubai Theatre Club staging and performance of ‘The Lamp of Wonders’ was fantastic. It had great moments of drama interspersed with humor. The actors and actresses really brought life to the characters and were supported by great instrumentals and vocals from the Music Club. The costumes, which were made by the students were beautiful and the props really conveyed the location and time period,” said Daniel Adkins, Group CEO of Transnational Academic Group, industry sponsor and supporter of the Theatre Club at Curtin Dubai.

Curtin University Dubai’s Theatre Club has achieved great success with its debut performance, setting the stage for future productions. This success underscores the importance of passion and dedication in achieving excellence.


  • Sowmiya Venkatesh (Jasmine)
  • Farhan Anwer (Aladdin)
  • Nikko Simon Perez (Abu)
  • Niranjan Nimal (Genie)
  • Eslam Mohamed (Jafar)
  • Aysha Rifam (Iago)
  • Mian Muhammad Khayyam (Sultan)
  • Kani Ahmadpour (Narrator)


  • Anudeep Sharma (Sound)
  • Muhammed Mishal (Light)

Background Characters

  • Shifa Imran
  • Razane Boudjeniba
  • Shamir Inoguchi
  • Prisha Anne
  • Aabid Asad
  • Roman Ernesto Pena Ortiz
  • Thukatoe
  • Swaroop Shinod


  • Aabid Asad
  • Mohammed Ali
  • Kani Ahmadpour
  • Yashwanshi Singh
  • Gamuchirai Sambaza


  • Siya Sadani – (President + Lead Drummer)
  • Saniya D’souza – (Vice President + Lead Pianist)
  • Stephanie Hope – Lead Vocalist
  • Benysha Unwalla – Lead Vocalist
  • Nathan Issac – Vocalist + Guitarist
  • Ilsa Iftikhar Khan – Vocalist + Guitarist
  • Erol- Drummer + Vocalist
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