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Navigating narcissism with Dr Ramani Durvasula at Curtin University Dubai

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Prominent clinical psychologist an expert on narcissism and relationship dynamics

Dr Ramani Durvasula is a prominent clinical psychologist, Professor at California State University, Los Angeles, and an expert on narcissism and relationship dynamics. She holds a PhD from UCLA and is widely recognised for her media contributions. She has also authored books to shed light on her area of expertise and has an exceptional ability to communicate complex psychological concepts in a way that is accessible to a broad audience, significantly contributing to the public understanding and awareness of mental health issues.

During a book tour to promote her latest release It’s not You, Dr Durvasula visited Curtin Dubai to share her extensive experience in treating individuals who have dealt with narcissists. She highlighted the disturbing patterns of abuse and trauma that often characterise such relationships, illustrating the profound emotional toll they can take on individuals. Her vivid descriptions and empathetic understanding provided a stark portrayal of the reality faced by those entangled with narcissists.

Dr Vedrana Mladina of the Middle East Psychologist Association says, “The Curtin Dubai community did a spectacular job of offering a well-deserved warm welcome to Dr Ramani. I felt lucky to be able to witness it. The audience was deeply personally engaged with Dr Ramani throughout her talk. There was a general sense of genuine care and support for one another and a deep appreciation for Dr Ramani’s expertise and humanity.”

The session featured engaging discussions and question-and-answer segments that allowed participants to share their experiences and seek personalised advice.

At the end of her session, Dr Durvasula offered practical advice on how to extricate oneself from the grips of manipulation. She stressed the need to set firm boundaries and maintain a strong support network as essential steps in protecting oneself from further harm. Her guidance aimed to empower attendees with the knowledge and tools required to reclaim their autonomy and return to their authentic selves.

Dr Durvasula says, “My visit to Curtin University was wonderful in every way, and it was gratifying to be in a room with students, teachers, and therapists at the same time. In addition, it was clear that many people in the room had personal experiences with narcissism, which enriched the discussion and the questions. I appreciated the engagement with the topic and the pride the students and the staff had in their university. It was a very special day, and I hope to be back to continue the discussion!”

Dr Durvasula’s expertise and compassionate approach made the interactive discussion a safe space for learning and sharing, particularly for students from the Psychological Sciences program at Curtin Dubai. The knowledge imparted by Dr Durvasula is sure to have a lasting impact, equipping attendees with the resilience and awareness necessary to navigate the challenges posed by narcissism in their personal and professional lives.

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