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Curtin University Dubai launches School Support Program

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While students are now rapidly trying to adjust to online learning during these unprecedented times, parents as well as school counsellors and teachers are seeking essential information to guide their students through the challenges and assist them in every way possible.

Keeping this in mind, Curtin University Dubai has launched the Curtin Dubai School Support Program which aims to ease transition to online learning for students and help them study effectively during a pandemic. The program focuses on the following:

Dedicated Virtual Open Days – Customized for each school, students and parents can inquire about our online programs, special application processes for the graduating school batch, and speak with our currently enrolled students about their online education experience

Career Guidance Support Webinars – students and counsellors can request specific webinars that will provide added support to students and parents.

Some examples include ‘Most Viable Careers for 2020 Graduates’, ‘Degrees for the Future’ or ‘Business Continuity in a Crisis’

Educator Focused Lectures – schools can request special lectures for all counsellors and teachers on the challenges that we currently face with online education and how to best tackle them.

These can be customized to suit a single session or a series of sessions.

Acceptance of Students into University – Curtin University is accepting final year students based on their predicted scores or latest classroom results.

Our Future Students Centre can help assess the grades of any student who is planning to apply to a university.

To arrange a session from Curtin Dubai’s School Support Program, please write to [email protected].

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