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CURTIN DUBAI BUSINESS CUP CHALLENGE – Resounding success at the previous edition; theme announced for 2024

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Image for CURTIN DUBAI BUSINESS CUP CHALLENGE – Resounding success at the previous edition; theme announced for 2024

Dubai, UAE – The curtains have closed on yet another successful year of entrepreneurial innovation, with Curtin Dubai’s Business Cup Challenge. Organised by Curtin University Dubai and sponsored by the Transnational Academic Group, the competition took the UAE’s academic community by storm, attracting over 2000 participants and hundreds of teams from high schools and universities across the United Arab Emirates. The theme for the 2023 edition was “Nanotechnology,” and it proved to be a pivotal event for students looking to showcase their innovative business solutions.

The Business Cup Challenge has been instrumental in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of young minds and fostering innovative ideas for over a decade. The high level of participation in this year’s competition highlighted the growing enthusiasm for this event within the academic community.

The competition comprises of multiple rounds, held over a series of five weeks. This is proceeded with a Grand Finale of elevator pitches and final case studies presented in person.

The triumphant high school winners are as follows:

  • First place – Kaizen from Arab Unity School

(Participants: Fathima Muna, Shanzay Shamoon, Fatima Bibi, Hawra Huzefa, Muhammad Ahmad Mujeeb, Shayaan Ur Rehman, Muhib Asim; Mentor: Ms Asma Faiza)

  • 1st runners-up – Quit Teams from Dubai College 

(Participants: Mustafa Alp Ata, Quintin Wiegerinck, Alexander Gunson, Hadi Khan, Hassan Khursheed; Mentor: Mr Ben Christopher)

  • 2nd runners-up – Feminine Fusion from The Millennium School 

(Participants: Pooja Manoj, Jency Infantina Joseph, Lizanne Pinto, Kate Fernandes, Aishwarya Rao Nandicoor; Mentor: Ms G M Tamil Priya)

  • Most Innovative team – Oryx Inc from the American International School  

(Participants: Omar Eldesouky, Sanaa Al Tamimi, Malk Ahmed, Jana Khalid, Mariam Hussien; Mentor: Ms Yousra Ossama)

The university winners are as follows:

  • First place – Phoenix from Westford College 

(Participants: Sahil Dewani, Sumaita Chowdhury, Reyha Rao, Rosalyn Flory, Mohammad Saad Mohammad Shahid; Mentor: Ms Anushka Lydia Issac)

  • 1st runners-up – Innotechs from Westford College 

(Participants: Muhammed Khubaib, Nandu Sreelal, Saif Jasim, Kavisha Sathsarane Perera, Ariba Abdul Qayyum, Gurpreet Kaur Bharaj, Ayaat Shaikh; Mentor: Ms Anushka Lydia Issac)

  • 2nd runners-up – Blue Panthers from the University of Dubai

(Participants: Rubalavanyan Vamadeva, Bitanya Demissie, Carthika Sujith, Abdullah Faisal; Mentor: Dr Nasser Al Muraqab)

  • Most Innovative team – NanoVisionaries from Amity University Dubai

(Participants: Godwin Joseph, Fawzan Mohamed Kareem Navaz, Ankita Maria Paul, Nuha Sami; Mentor: Dr Asha Madhavan)

Mr Daniel Adkins, Game Master, played a crucial role in making this event successful. He said, “This year’s BCC not only allowed students to learn how to solve business case studies but also gave them a better understanding of both the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the current state of nanotechnology. It was exciting to see a team that came to the finale without a guaranteed place in the final round get into the finals through an elevator pitch and then win the entire competition; proof that in the BCC, every team has a chance regardless of how they did in the preliminary rounds. We hope that the competition made a positive difference in the lives of all students who participated.”

As the 13th edition of BCC concluded, organisers expressed their excitement for the years to come. The Business Cup Challenge is poised to continue its legacy of inspiring young minds to think beyond the ordinary. They are looking forward to many more editions, each with its unique theme and set of challenges. This competition is more than just an event; it is a symbol of the commitment of academic institutions to empower students and prepare them for the future of business and innovation.

The next edition of the Business Cup Challenge will take place on the theme of ‘The Metaverse’ and is scheduled to be held in October. Curtin Dubai looks forward to welcoming participants back this year, for an even more Challenge.

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