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An Unforgettable Experience at another Summer Camp!

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Unleashing creativity and learning at Curtin Dubai.

Curtin University Dubai organised an engaging week-long summer camp with dynamic activities and events that attracted participants from across the UAE.

The camp kicked off with a session on ‘AI for Students’, aimed to equip young minds with a deeper understanding of the ethical considerations surrounding artificial intelligence. Led by renowned experts in the field, the session provided students with valuable insights into responsible AI usage and the potential impact of technology on society. Meanwhile, the advanced coding workshop challenged participants to push the boundaries of their programming skills. With hands-on exercises and mentorship from industry professionals, attendees honed their coding abilities and explored innovative approaches to problem-solving. The engineering workshop offered a gateway to the world of engineering, allowing campers to delve in through engaging experiments and interactive sessions; students gained practical experience and a taste of the challenges engineers face daily.

For budding photographers, the photography workshop with Nikon was a dream come true. Participants learned from an experienced photographer who shared her expertise, from mastering composition and lighting to harnessing the power of different camera lenses. With newfound knowledge, attendees captured breathtaking images showcasing their unique perspectives.

As the camp reached its close, Curtin Dubai presented “Curtin Fest,” a celebration of creativity, talent, and diversity. The event featured fun games and activities with prizes given out to the winners and participants alike.

Participants were over the moon with the interactive sessions, expressing their gratitude for the immersive and educational experience. Atharv Mittal of Jumeirah College, an enthusiastic camp attendee, said, “It was fun, the paper plane activity was entertaining, and we got to do whatever we wanted towards the end in the game room. The campus is amazing, and my favourite workshop was the CAD SOFTWARE FUSION 360 session because it was unique and showed us various possibilities for the future”.

“Presentations were very educational, and I got to develop new talents and skills, ” says another attendee, Dhyay Doshi of Jumeirah College.

The summer camp at Curtin Dubai undoubtedly left an indelible mark on all who participated, igniting passions, fostering new friendships, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. With its commitment to nurturing talent and promoting diverse learning experiences, Curtin Dubai continues to empower the next generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers.

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