Designed for high school students (Grade 9 and above), the Summer Camp allows for real-world experiences in a safe, virtual environment.

The first part of the camp is a virtual series of general webinars that cover insightful and interactive sessions with faculty and working professionals on topics like finding one’s passion, finance management for young students, the importance of internship experience for high school students, and many others – all designed to empower you for the future. These will take place over two weeks.

The second part is the Summer Camp Advanced Program, also a virtual series, which will help senior students get a taster of what their potential university subjects of learning could entail since a common challenge faced by high school students is understanding/exploring what course would work well for them.

The advanced program is comprised of three streams for students to choose from Business, IT, and Engineering.

The third part is the highly sought-after Internship Program*, which will be run by various departments- including HR, Marketing and IT, and will involve real-world tasks and projects to work on over 2 weeks. With such high demand, we have limited the slots per department to ensure we apply the same format as our teaching, i.e. to provide personalised attention to a smaller group of students.

*The mode of internship could vary depending on the department. 



  • Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis with limited slots available.
  • Successfully registered students must attend all the Summer Camp Webinars that will be delivered over the two weeks. Attendance will be tracked every day.
  • Students who opt for the Summer Camp Advanced Program must commit to the full-week program to be eligible for certificates. Attendance will be tracked every day.
  • Students that opt for the Internship Program must submit the documents within the deadline, complete their 2-week internship as required by the department head, and have complete attendance in the Summer Camp Webinars to qualify for the certificates.
  • Curtin Dubai will reward outstanding performers with a letter of recommendation, university-wide recognition and other privileges.

The University reserves the right to discontinue a student’s participation in the event of non-compliance.


Internship applicants are required to intern throughout the camp duration in addition to attending the webinars to receive an internship experience letter. In addition, each participant will spend the required hours attending webinar sessions and the rest of the day working on tasks assigned by the respective departments. 

How to apply:

Once you have registered for the internship on the above link, we require the following documents to be provided by the student/school/guardian on/before the 11th of July to be considered:

  • Passport, visa copy, EID scan of the student and signatory of the below documents(in the case of a minor);
  • A NOC from the parent/ legal guardian (in the case of a minor);
  • An NDA is to be signed by the student as well as the parent/ legal guardian (in the case of a minor).

Kindly download the above Internship Policy, NDA, and NOC, sign them and send them to [email protected] with your full name, interning department, and mobile number in the email body.

Please note, registering for the internship program does not guarantee you a slot. You will be accepted into the program only after all documentation is submitted and you receive a confirmation email.

Curtin Dubai will close the internship registration before the deadline if all slots are filled. If our internship slots are full, you are free to attend the summer camp and advanced program webinars.

Declaration of any relevant medical conditions and/or may need to be addressed whilst participating in the internship.


What is the eligibility criteria?

All students in the UAE between grade 10 – 13 are welcome to join the program; however, spaces are restricted on a first come first serve basis.

Is the internship component paid?

No. This is an unpaid internship. It is important to highlight that this internship is not a typical one where you would be asked to carry out daily tasks; it is an opportunity where different departments will be made available to you. This is your chance to ask questions and learn about whether or not you would want a future in a particular field. Internships are available in the following areas:
1. Human Resources
2. Marketing
3. IT

Do we get work experience letters or certificates?

Absolutely! We will be providing students who complete the program and/or the internship with certificates, and outstanding performers with letters of recommendation. Please note this is subject to the following:

1. The student must attend all sessions that they are assigned to, and complete their assigned project work in a timely manner.
2. The student must maintain professionalism and a respectful work ethic at all times.
3. The student must not disclose any of the University’s confidential information, and must behave in line with the terms mentioned in the Internship Policy and NDA.