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Student Spotlight – Saniyah Hassan

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Saniyah Hassan is an MBA Global student. She is currently working at ENOC as a Business Process Analyst. Her experience at Curtin has developed her skills in design thinking strategies, analyzing and has instilled a strong passion for innovative business management. We asked her a few questions about her experience at Curtin.


Why did you choose Curtin University Dubai?

I was inclined to doing a part-time MBA where I could enroll in units at my own pace. Being a working professional and a homemaker, it was extremely important for me to distribute my time among the three. Most of all, Curtin offered project experiences with real-time companies across the globe and an international field trip as a part of the MBA (Global) program, which would ensure that the theory being taught was backed by practical industry experiences as well. I had to ensure that the university I chose had quality education, lucrative program structure, and international standards. Curtin definitely checked all those boxes. And I am happy I made that choice.

How has Curtin Dubai’s faculty helped you in your academic journey?

Having an engineering background with no exposure to business studies was intimidating for me. The workshops conducted by the faculty here helped me transition comfortably. They played a fundamental role in shaping my understanding of global business markets and strategies. They have helped me think critically and analyze complex case studies. The class discussions and debates on interesting topics were challenging where they pushed back so we learn to defend our positions, which enabled us to have stimulating conversations. The faculty was dedicated, supportive, and always came 100 percent prepared for a class.

Virtual Classroom Experience at Curtin Dubai; How has the university eased the transition to online learning during the current pandemic?

The Virtual classroom experience did not limit any of the discussions, debates, or presentations we had in a physical classroom. Minus the social interaction in class, the university ensured the transition was seamless. The classes were recorded and we had smarter tools to access the classes, materials, and recordings. The professors were readily available to have a one-one conversation regarding the unit and its assignments. In an age where traditional processes are moving towards the digital transformation, Curtin did it painlessly for the students and Kudos for that.

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