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Student Spotlight – Ojus Kishore

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Ojus Kishore

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing

Ojus Kishore recently spent his time as a Social Media Marketing at Ojo, a career counselling platform for graduates.

During this time, Ojus handled the company’s social media account and provided content creation ideas. His ability to initiate things independently and take responsibility, landed him the ‘Intern of the month’ title at Ojo.

He shared some tips to his fellow students when applying for internships.

  • Applying for an internships during this time made it even more challenging as every opportunity for a virtual internship gets swooped away by multiple other graduate job seekers. Apply anyway. Send atleast 5-10 applications a day and within a week or two you are likely to be contacted by some employer.
  • Once you are in, grab the opportunity to network. Develop a good relationship with your superiors and coworkers as they can be your reference for future employment opportunities.
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