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Resilience through Challenge & Change by Maria Vitoratos

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Maria is not only experienced in her field of coaching and one of the pioneers in her industry, but she is also very passionate about the work that she does. Her enthusiasm and keen drive to inspire shows in the time that clients spend with her. She’s always ready to develop and design Personal & Professional Coaching programs that are bespoke for the individual and/or team.

Presently, Maria is Careers Coaching & Mentoring students at Dubai English Speaking College and the founder and leader of DESCareers. She helps teens begin to discover their career ambitions and better understand what they want to be doing when they graduate. She has created opportunities for professionals to meet and share their wisdom with the students, she has created the first-ever DESCpowerment Day where over 115 professionals came under the DESC roof to create workshops, activities and give professional mentoring tips to the students.

Alongside her role at Dubai English Speaking College, Maria has launched her social project #STRONG. She is the Founder and Host of a YouTube channel that has become a platform for real-life conversations that enable global community connections to support and empower the youth, families, and communities to engage in real conversations that need to start happening more openly to protect and enrich the mental health of our youth.

In this session, participants can expect to walk away with an understanding of how the journey of life can become the opportunity to find our resilience through the most challenging times. 

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