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Exploring Mathematics in Engineering and Information Technology: Curtin Students Attend Guest Lecture by Dr. Ashwin Shijo

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Image for Exploring Mathematics in Engineering and Information Technology: Curtin Students Attend Guest Lecture by Dr. Ashwin Shijo

On February 28, 2023, Curtin University students had a unique opportunity to attend a guest lecture titled “The Role of Mathematics in Engineering and Information Technology,” presented by Dr. Ashwin Shijo, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the Muslim College of Arts and Science in India.

The event offered insights into the practical applications of mathematics in these fields. During the lecture, Dr. Shijo highlighted the widespread importance of mathematics in various areas. He emphasised that mathematical patterns are evident in the natural world and even extend to cosmic phenomena, showcasing the universal nature of mathematical principles. The lecture engaged students through interactive brain teasers and hypothetical problems. These exercises illustrated how mathematics plays a key role in addressing real-world challenges, demonstrating its practical significance.

A significant portion of the lecture focused on the relevance of mathematics in engineering and information technology. Dr. Shijo explained how mathematical principles underpin these fields, aiding in the optimization of processes. By employing mathematical analysis and modelling, professionals can determine the most effective solutions, whether it’s finding the optimal path or the shortest route to resolution. The lecture effectively conveyed the practical implications of mathematics in students’ future careers. It underscored that mathematics is not merely theoretical; it serves as a valuable tool for solving complex problems efficiently.

In conclusion, Dr. Ashwin Shijo’s guest lecture provided Curtin University students with a clear understanding of how mathematics is integrated into engineering and information technology. The lecture demonstrated the practical applications of mathematical principles and their role in finding effective solutions to intricate challenges. This event highlighted that mathematics is not confined to theory but is a dynamic tool that equips professionals to navigate real-world complexities adeptly.

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