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Student Spotlight – Derrick Gashugu Kagame Ndatuje

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Derrick Gashugu Kagame Ndatuje

Bachelor of Commerce

The economic impact of COVID-19 has been widespread, thus applying for part time placement and internships has been a challenge for all.

Derrick Ndatuje recently joined Crenov8 as a Sales and Marketing Intern, a multinational consulting and digital firm, with a presence in the UAE and Africa. As a Sales Intern, his responsibilities include market research, telesales, updating records, and seek out new business for the organization.

Prior to securing this internship through the Careers Hub, he was working at Camouflage Media Uganda and spending his time upskilling himself by constantly reading.

We asked him to share some tips when applying for an internship and here’s what he said:

“I would advise the student body to face rejection upfront and learn not to take it to heart but use it as a motivational tool. Before I secured the job at Crenov8 in Dubai, I went for several interviews and got rejected but instead of giving up I kept pushing despite the global pandemic that is still on-going. So my advice to everyone reading this is to keep applying for internship opportunities offered by the university and look for opportunities on Indeed and keep going despite rejection. “

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