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The Cyber Security Bootcamp is designed for IT and non-IT high school students who are interested in transitioning their careers into IT & Cyber Security. The program includes practical training and workshops led by industry experts to help students get a deeper understanding of the industry.


The cyber security bootcamp will be a for a week. The program includes intensive practical training, workshops led by our industry partners, peer to peer collaboration, and a competition to test the knowledge gained. The course content has been tailored to give you the skills that are demanded in today’s rapidly evolving businesses.


How to register your school

Register using the link below
Submit the following documents via email on or before 2 July 2024:

  • Passport, visa copy, EID scan of the student and signatory of the below documents
  • A NOC from the parent/ legal guardian

Program Rules

  • Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis with limited slots available.
  • Successfully registered students must attend all days of the coding camp that will be delivered over the week. Attendance will be tracked every day.
  • The University reserves the right to discontinue a student’s participation in the event of non-compliance.

Admin Fees

AED 800

  • This fee includes access to our state-of-the-art computer labs, which have all the necessary software, for the entire week of the camp.
  • Payment link will be emailed to your registered email address.
  • The fee mentioned is excluding VAT. 5% VAT will be charged.
  • Should you choose to enrol with Curtin Dubai in the future, this amount will be adjusted with your tuition fees, making this camp a complimentary experience.

What to expect

Participants will go through workshops on a daily basis
Workshops will be led by the esteemed faculty members of Curtin Dubai as well as Industry experts
To put the learnings to the test, there will be a competition on the last day of the camp
You can expect some or all of the following in your workshops and final-day competition:

  • Basic coding tasks
  • Advanced coding projects


  1. Monday, 29 July | 10AM – 2PM

    1. Workshop on basics of Linux
    2. Workshop on basics of Windows
    3. Introduction to Penetration testing, Basic Security Terms, CIA
  2. Tuesday, 30 July | 10AM – 2PM

    1. Introduction to Networks, OSI Model, etc
    2. Know how internet Works
    3. Phases of Hacking
  3. Wednesday, 31 July | 10AM – 2PM

    1. Phase 1 – Reconnaissance and Tools
    2. Phase 2 – Scanning and Tools
    3. Active Directory Attack
  4. Thursday, 1 Aug | 10AM – 2PM

    1. Phase 3 – Exploitation
    2. Wi-Fi Hacking
    3. Phase 4 and 5– Maintaining Access, Clearing Track and Reporting
    4. Web application Pentesting
  5. Friday, 2 Aug | 10AM – 1PM

    • CTF competition


For any further questions, please email us at: [email protected] or call 04 245 2500