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Meet your Counsellors!

Curtin Careers is nestled between the Student Experience and People & Culture departments. Your counsellors form the team that make things happen.

Shweta Wahi

Director – Operations, Curtin University Dubai

Shweta Wahi serves as Director – CMA Investment Holdings, and Director of Operations and People & Culture at Transnational Academic Group. She has been with the group for 8 years and played a pivotal role in launching Curtin University Dubai’s campus, solidifying its MENA region ranking and reputation.

Shweta graduated from York University with a BFA(Hons) in Visual Arts and is currently pursuing her master’s in Education Leadership. She has also pursued several certifications from Central Saint Martins in London and George Brown College, Toronto. Prior to joining the Group, she spent a decade in the Fashion Industry as a stylist, Image Consultant, and designer through her own fashion label, “Shweta Wahi Creations,” which quickly garnered recognition with clientele across four continents. Over the course of her fashion career, Shweta had showcased her work in 25 prestigious fashion shows including the likes of Merdeces Benz Fashion Week Africa, Design Indaba, India Fashion Week, and Ottawa Fashion Week.

As a trained Image Consultant, Digital Marketing Specialist, and published illustrator, Shweta’s career path has been a testament to her adaptability and passion for growth. Today, she continues to draw from her rich experiences in the world of fashion, infusing creativity and innovation into her role at Transnational Academic Group.

Maria Vitoratos

Adjunct Lecturer, Curtin University Dubai

Maria, the founder of MV Careers, has initiated five distinct career projects within the past decade. Her impact has spanned across a wide age range, guiding individuals from as young as six to those as experienced as 81. Yet, her journey is far from over, as she remains committed to reaching an even broader spectrum of individuals. A tenacious go-getter, a visionary creator, and an innovation catalyst in the realm of career development, her dynamic presence shapes the way people perceive and pursue their professional paths.

Drawing from a diverse range of roles spanning sales to entrepreneurship, she excels in crafting solutions that align with the unique career aspirations of those under her guidance. This encompasses aiding individuals in exploring diverse career avenues and architecting their pathways to future employment. Her influence extends across various spheres, including active participation as a board member of The Sheffield Private School in Dubai, contributing as an adjunct lecturer at Curtin University in Dubai, and providing expert career guidance to clients through MV Careers, a venture she founded. Additionally, she serves as an adept host and moderator for guest talks, utilizing her refined communication skills as a public speaker. Throughout her multifaceted roles, her expertise is harnessed to uplift the prospects of clients and students alike. Key areas of expertise encompass designing future employment trajectories for youth, empowering individuals returning to the workforce, and orchestrating enriching gap year experiences.

Asha Banda

Careers Placement Officer | Operations, Curtin University Dubai

Asha Banda is a dedicated professional with a strong commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. Guided by the principle that effective customer service is a key asset for any business, Asha is recognized for her adept problem-solving skills and a heartfelt commitment to forming meaningful connections with individuals.

Her academic journey includes achieving a Master of Science in International Business from Hult International Business School in Dubai and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Ghana, providing a solid foundation for her career.

Beyond her industry experience, Asha actively engages in the digital realm, experimenting with content creation on social media platforms. This proactive approach ensures she stays current with the latest trends while continually refining her skills in digital marketing and branding.

In her current role as the Careers Placement Officer at Curtin University Dubai, Asha’s responsibilities extend beyond conventional career services. Leveraging her customer service background, she is deeply committed to providing strategic guidance to students actively engaging with employers for both part-time and full-time roles. Guiding individuals in navigating their career paths aligns seamlessly with Asha’s passion for helping others succeed.

Ruby Dabu

Assistant Manager – People & Culture | Operations, Curtin University Dubai

Ruby Dabu is a versatile and deeply motivated professional with 14 years of experience in office administration and human resources in the UAE. Ruby has successfully implemented company policies and procedures in strict alignment with the UAE Labor Law, ensuring legal and ethical compliance in all aspects of her work. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, Ruby has established herself as a reliable and resourceful asset in her domain, consistently demonstrating a proactive approach to her responsibilities.

Ruby oversees the Curtin Dubai Careers Hub and is furthering her impact as an Assistant Manager for People and Culture as well as Operations at Curtin University Dubai. Her astute understanding of legal regulations in the UAE reinforces her role as a dependable and knowledgeable mentor for the student community, as she often provides guidance to students who are engaging employers for part time or full-time roles.

Trisha Samuel

Human Resources Officer, Transnational Academic Group

Trisha Samuel, an exceptionally driven and diligent HR professional, is on a resolute journey to leave an indelible imprint within the realms of talent acquisition, employee experience management, performance evaluation, HR business partnering, and training and development. Her educational journey recently culminated in the completion of an MSc in International Human Resources Management from Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. Equipped with the latest insights and a wealth of academic knowledge, Trisha is prepared to navigate the complex landscapes of HR practices on a global scale.

Her dedication to professional growth and excellence is further underscored by her achievement of the CIPD Level 3 Certificate in Human Resource Practices. This esteemed certification serves as a testament to her commitment to staying at the forefront of HR trends and methodologies. With an unwavering passion for optimizing human potential within organizational contexts, Trisha’s aspirations extend beyond the conventional horizons of HR. She possesses a profound understanding of the pivotal role HR plays in shaping an organization’s success, fostering a vibrant employee culture, and propelling growth.