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Recap: Orientation Day, 6 January 2024

Here’s a recap of our Orientation Day held on 6 January 2024.

If you wish to go over details and highlights from the orientation day — we’ve got you covered.

All the crucial information has been compiled and stored in easily accessible recorded sessions. So, regardless of whether you were physically present or not, you can dive into the recordings to catch up on the valuable insights and essential details shared during the event.

Your orientation experience is just a click away, ensuring you stay well-informed and connected to the important aspects of your academic journey.

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Please note: IT students may refer to Unit Enrolment Guidelines for Engineering.

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This section provides comprehensive training on how you may use Blackboard while studying at Curtin.

The Blackboard is Curtin’s online learning management system.

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If you should have any queries related to fee, please email: [email protected] .

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Watch the recordings from the Orientation Day held on 6 January 2024.

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