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This annual event aims to challenge young minds from schools across the UAE with a keen interest in science, to put their energies toward an exciting competition. The interschool event requires teams of four to put their knowledge and skills together to answer questions and solve problems. 

All students will receive a certificate of participation, and teachers will receive a token of mentorship. The winning teams will receive attractive prizes, trophies, prestigious scholarships, medals, and certificates. 



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  • Assemble a team of 4 students and register before April 8, 2021 
  • The competition is open to students from Grade 10 and above from all schools across the UAE
  • To enter the challenge, teams must apply through their school counsellor or HOD of Science/Science Teacher 


Curtin Dubai STEM Challenge – Frequently Asked Questions

What is STEM?

STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and is the focus of the curriculum at many schools and is the basis for many of the most in demand careers.

What is the STEM Challenge?

The STEM Challenge is an annual event that aims to challenge young minds from schools across the UAE with a keen interest in science, technology, engineering, and math, to put their energies and skills toward an exciting competition. The inter-school event requires teams of four to put their knowledge and skills together to answer STEM-related questions and solve problems.

How will it benefit our students?

The STEM challenge allows students to compete at an interschool level, to put their STEM skills including problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking to the test, and to practice teamwork.

Is there any cost involved in participation?

The competition is accessible to all students at no cost.

What does the challenge consist of?

The challenge includes STEM-related quizzes, a building project to test their engineering skills, and a final power round of questions and answers!

Which subject areas will it cover?

The major areas covered are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Technology (Computer science), and (a bit of) Astronomy, however any area of science is possible.

Who can participate?

Students studying Grade 10 or above (as of April 2021) are eligible, with an exception for schools that only go through grade 9.

What is the maximum number of members per team? Can different schools merge teams?

Each team must consist of 4 students belonging to the same school, however exceptions can be made where a school is unable to form a team and has participants from another school.

Is there a limit to how many teams can participate from a school?

There is no cap on the number of teams that can participate from one school as long as the team members meet the eligibility criteria.

Do the participants have to study anything in advance?

There is not any particular study guide but students can study general materials in all of the sciences and mathematics to prepare.

Do we have to be physically present in any of the rounds?

No, due to the COVID19 pandemic, the event is being held entirely online. However, students proceeding to Round 2 – Engineering Project are required to have one member of their team visit our campus to collect the engineering kit and after building the project, to drop it off at the campus.

Why is a mentor required?

The mentors play a vital role in guiding students on how to get ready for the challenge. Also, all updates will be first communicated to the mentors as they will be considered the point of contact throughout the challenge.

A few Year 9 students shall be moving to Year 10 by the end of March 2021. Can they participate?

As long as the students match the criteria as of April 2021, we can accept them into the competition. Any exceptions are subject to Curtin Dubai’s approval. You may send your query to [email protected] before April 8, 2021 if you feel an exception is warranted in your case.

What’s the last date to register?

It is Thursday, 8 April 2021.

How should we register?

Please click the ‘Register Now’ button on this page; it will redirect you to a form that you can fill in.

Who should register: students or the mentor?

Each participating student must register their details individually. Students are required to finalise the mentor and team name before registering. The mentor does not need to register through the form.

How will Team Online quizzes work for students studying from home?

The events team will send complete guidelines regarding the platform being used and how each student can log in.

How will students complete Round 2 if they are studying at home?

Students are required to arrange a common space if they are comfortable (while following the health and safety protocols) or have one team member build the project with the rest of the team’s input.

Can the students come to Curtin Campus to build the structure?

Curtin Dubai has gone online since the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020 and the campus remains closed for any student activities.

What will Round 3 and Round 4 comprise be like?

Rounds 3 and 4 will be held online. These rounds will have slightly advanced questions on STEM topics and will be conducted over zoom.

Will students receive any recognition for participating?

All students will receive a certificate of participation. The winning teams will earn prestigious scholarships, trophies, and medals.

Will the mentors be awarded anything?

Yes, they will receive a token of appreciation from Curtin University upon successful participation of their teams in the competition.

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