Support for People of Determination

Curtin Dubai has a wide range of support services and facilities to assist students with a challenge of any kind or a carer of a person with a challenge to enable equitable access to their studies and assessments.

Support team

Curtin Dubai’s Student Support Team provide dedicated support and accessibility services to help you at university.

If you have a challenge that impacts your ability to study at university, or you’re caring for someone with a such a challenge, you can access a range of support services and assistance to help you succeed at Curtin.

Curtin Access Plan

An Accessibility Advisor will be assigned to work with you to develop your individually customized Curtin Access Plan (CAP), a document that outlines the type and level of support you require at the Curtin Dubai campus.

The Accessibility Advisor will discuss the conditions of the CAP document with you and it will only contain information that you agree to release. It can include information about your challenge if you wish to disclose this information.

The final CAP will be emailed to the student by the Accessibility Advisor and it will be the student’s responsibility to ensure their document is shared with the Academic Coordinator and the Unit Coordinators each semester.

The CAP may include provisions such as:

  • Additional time for the submission of assignments
  • Additional time when taking exams
  • Taking exams in a separate low-stimulus room
  • Doing presentation for only the Lecturer instead of in front of a class
  • The use of a computer during written assessments, instead of handwriting
  • The use of a scribe to assist with note taking, writing of assessment, and writing exams
  • The use of assistive technology on computers such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, and verbal dictation software
  • Provision for a carer to attend classes and assessment

Write to [email protected] to book your appointment with an Accessibility Advisor.

Campus access and parking

Our campus is fully-equipped to assist students with navigating their way around campus.  This includes provision for those in wheelchairs or using assistive devices for walking.

An Access and Inclusion map is provided to students at the time of admission which highlights wheelchair accessible routes, accessible parking, and other access features at Curtin Dubai campus.  The Curtin Dubai emergency plan also includes provision for quickly and safely evacuating anyone with mobility challenges.

If you are concerned about how you will access the Curtin Dubai campus please email the Student Service Centre at [email protected] and they can advise you about accessible routes around Curtin Dubai.

Students who are carers of a person of determination

If you have a significant caring role for a relative or friend who is a person of determination and your responsibilities are impacting on your studies, you may be eligible for support and adjustments to your study program and a Curtin Access Plan.

Definition of a carer
A carer is defined as an individual who provides personal care, support and assistance to another individual who needs it because that other individual:

  • Has a challenge that impacts their ability to fully care for themselves; or
  • Has a medical condition (including a terminal or chronic illness); or
  • Has a mental health challenge; or
  • Is challenged due to age or health. 

Carer’s documentation requirements

Supporting documentation confirming your carer status will be required. Please get in touch with our Student Service Centre to learn about the detailed documentation requirements. You will be required to connect our team with a health professional who is aware of your situation to complete the relevant sections of the documentation process.

We understand that being a carer can be stressful, especially when you’re also studying.

If you’d like to talk to someone about it, contact our student wellbeing advisors.

Please write to [email protected] and they can advise you further.

Enabling technology and environment

Technology has come a long way in improving accessibility for people of determination.  At Curtin Dubai:

  • All computers are equipped with screen magnifying and screen reading software to assist the visually challenged. Computers are also available with verbal diction / control software (Dragon Naturally Speaking) to allow for full control and use by those who are visually challenged.
  • We have a dedicated mental health space and a professional counsellor to assist anyone who would like mental or emotional support.
  • We also have quiet study spaces specifically designed for those who prefer quiet, softly lit areas including those who are extremely stimulus sensitive.
  • All lectures are recorded for students who would benefit from being able to replay them at slower speeds or lower volumes, or who wish to make use of automated closed captioning tools.