Curtin Dubai regularly gives informative talks for the many schools around UAE.

These talks help answer some questions students might have that are not addressed in the normal secondary curriculum or to further reinforce what they have been taught at their school.

It is a way to give back to the community, build a bond with students, and Make Tomorrow Better. On the 12th of November 2020, Daniel Adkins, CEO of Transnational Academic Group Middle-East gave a talk to the students of Al Diyafah High School on “Financial Planning for Youth”.

Among the many pieces of advice given was the innovative idea of how to retire as a US Dollar millionaire by simply making the commitment towards that specific goal right from the day they start working.

Mr Adkins explained, “Every day take the cost of a Venti coffee from Starbucks and put it into an investment account that you never touch. Even if you do nothing else to save money, when you are 65, you will be a millionaire

He then shared with them how successful people work for many years like others won’t so that they can then live the rest of their lives in a way that others can’t.

He went on to discuss multiplying the effectiveness of one’s earning potential by using OPT and OPM (Other People’s Time and Other People’s Money). The talk was concluded with some wise words about how a person will never be rich if they spend more than they earn and that when making your budget, you must pay yourself first, and as your pay increases throughout your career, put all of those increases directly into savings.
Following these principles, all of the students should be able to live comfortable lives and retire knowing they are well looked after in their golden years just by making some financial tweaks in their youth.


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