Curtin Dubai is proud to present its new Student Council members for the year 2020-2021:

  • Abdul Ahad Altaf – President
  • Shamalka Brigette – Vice President
  • Amal Salim – Communications Officer
  • Stesha Beverly Fernandes – Deputy Communications Officer
  • Hala Haytham – Deputy Digital Communications Officer
  • Kashish Jayesh Veo – Events Coordinator
  • Hatem Amr Gad – Sports Coordinator
  • Mohammad Awwab Arifullah – Community Service Officer
  • Syed Nabeel – IT School Representative
  • Nabeel Mustafa Jilani – Humanities School Representative
  • Wafa Waheed – Business School Representative
  • Keerthana Dana Sekarkan – Engineering School Representative
  • Kseniya Laktyseva – Postgraduate Student Representative
  • Kyle Vlotman – Foundation School Representative

Recently, we announced another milestone, wherein the student council members of the university have been recognised under the Curtin Extra Certification Program.  Curtin Extra recognises student participation in approved co-curricular programs, allowing them to combine a diverse range of experiences with opportunities to develop their skills.

Abdul Ahad Altaf, President of the Student Council stated, “It is a great honour and privilege for me to be selected as the President of the Student Council. Curtin is a world class University and representing the student body at one of its campuses is a huge opportunity that comes with great responsibility. I am really grateful to my team and thankful to the university, as we have worked together to address all aspects of the student experience at Curtin Dubai, particularly during the pandemic.”

Student Council Vice President Shamalka Brigette stated, “The opportunity to be elected Vice President of the Student Council of Curtin Dubai is an honour. A simple push by a friend gave me self-confidence and led me to feel I was suitable for the position. Campaigning was fairly interesting; however I would not have been chosen had it not been for the belief from my peers and the faculty.


As a member of the council, we plan to make a positive difference for the student body and give them the most out of their university experience whilst also experiencing university for ourselves. It is our responsibility to ensure that students are comfortable with the current online atmosphere and provide feedback to the University to support their learning. The council has a lot of ideas to overcome and adapt to our current situation and I am certain we will get through this difficult period together.

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