University in Dubai

The Curtin Dubai Winter Camp was designed to instil in students the necessary personal and professional development skills required to excel in their future professional careers. The 2-week virtual camp organised for high school students from Grade 10-13 in the UAE was a smashing success, with over 250 students participating and learning from different sessions. This immersive experience helped students gain valuable knowledge whilst preparing them for the real world.

The Winter Camp took students through ten insightful and educational webinars on:

  • Taking charge of your career choice
  • Financial planning for high school students
  • Synergising your LinkedIn and CV
  • Getting yourself ready for a great interview – Common Interview questions
  • Getting the most out of with Virtual Education
  • Dealing with cyberbullying – Mental health and wellbeing
  • Three steps to enhance your digital presence and personal brand
  • The Importance of referencing & rephrasing (avoiding plagiarism)
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • What is Student Life at Curtin Dubai all about?


Students also participated in a week-long internship program from one of three departments of their choice: People and Culture, IT, or Marketing (including Digital Marketing). They were mentored by the department experts and were given engaging tasks that taught about and provided insight into their desired careers. At the end of the two weeks, the students were awarded certificates of completion; one for the Winter Camp and one for the internship.

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