EXPO 2020, anointed as the ‘World’s Greatest Show’, is an enormous showcase of intelligence, brilliance and future aspirations housed under one roof from around the world.

Two hundred nations have come together to display the utmost level of human ability in Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability in one place. A futuristic place where one can witness human intelligence at its best is where the future generation, our students, belong.

One of our primary objectives at Curtin is to provide quality industry visits and educational trips for our students to comprehend practical and real-world learnings. Bringing them to the EXPO was a vital part of their educational experience as they will see the best of creation, technology, trade concepts and the fruition of perseverance.

EXPO 2020 in Dubai allowed the students to be more susceptible to other cultures after seeing the best of what they offer, which helps create young minds more open to a global and interconnected future. Our students returned awestruck and full of validation after every visit, for they had seen where their paths could be eventually in a country like the UAE. Scroll down to learn more about the University’s engagements with EXPO 2020.