Curtin Dubai culture

A comfortable, relaxed and inclusive environment


Regardless of who you are or where you come from, you’ll find Curtin Dubai to be a friendly and relaxed place where respect for one another is a part of everyday life. Curtin Dubai has a culturally diverse community where you will be accepted and treated fairly. The sheer population of the University means there is not one definitive culture across the campuses but many, contributing to a lively environment where everyone is included. We work hard to maintain best practice in the following areas:


At Curtin Dubai, everything we do is designed with one overarching goal in mind: to have a positive effect on our students and the wider community. In order to achieve that goal we provide students and staff with a welcoming environment that’s founded on five core values:

  1. Integrity – to act ethically, honestly and with fairness;
  2. Respect – to listen, value and acknowledge;
  3. Courage – to lead, take responsibility and question;
  4. Excellence – to strive for excellence and distinction;
  5. Impact – to empower, enable and inspire.

Our commitment to equal opportunity is reflected in a range of policies and support services to ensure all students and staff, irrespective of race, gender, beliefs or culture, receive fair and just treatment.

A multicultural university

Curtin Dubai offers a unique cross-cultural experience. Students become part of an international network that provides social and academic support for a lifetime.

As a Curtin Dubai student, you can participate in a variety of multicultural events that occur throughout the year.

Family friendly

Curtin Dubai is committed to ensuring that students and staff with family responsibilities have full access to education, employment and other services. We support a family-friendly environment to study and work by offering services to assist parents.

For students, there are flexible study options and several postgraduate courses running during evenings and weekends. We also provide a number of flexible working arrangements to help staff with family responsibilities.

Accessible education

Curtin Dubai makes every effort to ensure that students with disabilities are able to participate in the same learning experience as students without disabilities.

If you’re not able to meet Curtin’s standard entry requirements due to a disability or medical condition you may be eligible for special consideration entry.