Curtin outreach

A range of general and specific outreach activity goes on at Curtin. Our different programs accommodate individuals or groups, as we engage on campus, off campus, or online to offer an opportunity for potential university students to gain inspiration and information as they consider tertiary education.

Future student enquiries


This friendly first point of call is for anyone thinking about going to university and seeking information on what Curtin Dubai offers, or advice about how to get in. Contact us for a chat or to book an appointment 9 Am to 5 Pm Sunday to Thursday.

Counselling services

Curtin Dubai prioritises the health and well-being of their students. If any student at the university experiences personal or academic difficulties, the university provides free counselling services to its students. Curtin Dubai hires experienced professional counsellors to address students with their personal problems. The personal counselling would help in assisting students with personal, anxiety, depression or study related problems.

Curtin Careers Committee

Curtin Dubai highly focuses on career progression and development of its students. Along with an experienced professional career counsellor available on campus at all times, a group of students is also appointed to the committee who would assist in sending out internship and other career opportunities to students. The committee trains students and helps them in creating their CV, portfolio and interview preparations. Students who wish to develop leadership and organisational skills can apply to be a member of this committee and gain a learning experience as well as a certificate for their participation. Joining this committee would also prove beneficial for students who wish to learn more about talent acquisition and human resource practices. At Curtin, students contribute to make tomorrow better!