Special consideration

An application for special consideration is only available for students who are new to Curtin Dubai.

If you are a current student, you are not eligible to apply through this process. For advice and academic counselling, please liaise with the Student Services regarding your current circumstances.

We recognise that preparation for tertiary study isn’t always smooth. Therefore, we’ve developed a process by which applicants whose educational achievements have been compromised or disadvantaged by external factors can have their admission considered in light of those factors.

Special consideration will be granted if your ability to study or sit exams has been affected by circumstances beyond your control. These exceptional circumstances must be of a grave nature and must have had a significant impact on your studies in the year prior to your university application.

Special consideration is available to any eligible applicant for admission to Curtin University Dubai during any admission period.

It is a requirement, both under university policy and federal legislation, that our criteria for selecting students must be fair, transparent and accountable. Usually, this equates to academic achievement, i.e. applicants are selected on academic merit.

Nonetheless, the university is entitled – and indeed does – take into account any special circumstances that may have educationally disadvantaged a particular applicant. Again, this is in accordance with relevant university policy, as well as the Higher Education Support Act (2003).


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