Making the decision

There are plenty of benefits to studying at Curtin Dubai, but before commencing your degree, think about how your life will change to accommodate your new life as a university student.

University study includes ongoing tuition fees as well as expenses such as books and related costs, including housing, transport. Consider how you will pay for these and whether you will apply for financial assistance and/or work part time.

Your studies will require a dedicated amount of time per week. You will need to manage your time so you are able to study whilst maintaining any other commitments.

What to study

Read about the options available to you and consider your interests. Some people know exactly what they want to study, whilst others may be unsure of their exact path. It’s always good to consider all your options before deciding on the right course for you. Get help choosing what to study.

Taking a gap year

If you want to travel, work or have other commitments to see to before commencing your studies, our flexible study options can allow you to take a gap year whilst continuing to hold your university place.

Have any questions about courses, entry requirements, alternative pathways or anything else Curtin related? We can answer it.