What it costs

Fees for postgraduate coursework degrees vary from course to course. Our course overview will give you an indication of tuition fees for your intended course but should be used as a guide only, as tuition fees are charged by unit, and there is generally some flexibility in the unit combination you can choose.

The cost of your degree will vary depending on your course, and your chosen units. You may be eligible to apply for financial assistance such as a scholarship.

Financial assistance

Employer-paid study

Your employer may be able to help you with the cost of the postgraduate study. Many forward-thinking employers have developed formal Employee Education Assistance Policies (EEAPs).

Most successful EEAPs are based on sharing the costs. For example, you and your employer each pay half the tuition fees and you pay the other costs.


We offer a number of scholarships to assist students financially who are undertaking postgraduate study, both by coursework and research.


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